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ST Credit P2P and B2B Credit Exchange

Your source for direct peer-to-peer and business-to-business investing in high yield loan participation, both to extend and receive credit secured by a first lien on income-producing assets

Currently available:

Secure one percent (1%) per month — twelve percent (12%) per year — from a first mortgage on office and apartment space in Riga’s center.

Pro Forma Example:

Amount invested: 5,000 Euros
Term: 3 years
Net interest income: 50 Euros per month for 36 months, or 1,800 Euros
Principal repayment: At end of 36 months – 5,000 Euros

Summation: 5,000 Euros is invested at start. Interest income paid monthly at 50 Euros per month for 36 months equals 1,800 Euros. Principal of 5,000 Euros is returned at the end of 36 months.

Cash flow summation: 5,000 Euros invested at start plus monthly income and repayment at end total 6,800 Euros.

This is a direct investment opportunity secured by a first mortgage on real estate. There is no management and no pooling of investor interests. We earn our income as commissions from the seller. Introducing brokers are protected to share in commission income. There are no minimum or maximum restrictions. Forms and procedures are easy to understand and use.

For more information call +371 2922 8615, write a@stcredit.ch, or Skype: stca.ch.

Company organization, registration, and management

  • Company registered in Ireland, compliant with all EU taxes and regulations, with bank and securities accounts in Switzerland
  • 12½ % corporate income tax rate
  • All paperwork filled out and prepared by public accounting firm for your signature only
  • 48-hour turn around

You are invited to discuss the matter further with our legal staff by Skype: stca.ch, or mail us at info@stcredit.ch.

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