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Who We Are

Registered and based in Basel, Switzerland, ST Credit AG offers financial consulting services in the Swiss financial market to individuals and companies. We act as a principal in all transactions and manage a private investment fund for the company; we do not manage an investment pool, take custody of client funds, or act as an intermediary for financial services. We also arrange credit extensions on our own account and for our correspondents.

ST Credit AG principals have been working in the financial services industry for more than 30 years; this experience includes operating as a fully licensed broker and owner of brokerage companies in North America. We are now actively speculating on when the fiat-currency economy will collapse. Clients willing to take this speculative approach have the opportunity to make large profits while protecting their capital. We also consult regarding more conservative capital preservation approaches.

To arrange an initial consultation, we invite you to fill out our consultation form. Registered clients may access their online account through the dealing site.

Nothing contained herein should be considered to be an offer or a solicitation to do business in any jurisdiction with any person which may violate any law or administrative rule. All proposed transactions are subject to approval by counsel. This site is owned and operated by ST Credit AG.

 ST Credit AG Lautengartenstr. 7, Basel, Switzerland